It is common as a business administrator to fuck the artist. Because the artist needs to be fucked. Always.

To be hanged on all blackboards in all BWL faculties. Except in the design faculties.


How to:

Just do not answer any more when he asks you smart questions to calculate the project correctly and to do a fine job.

Never give him enough information and never give him a transparent job description.

Always insist it can not be that difficult!

Tell him that he would do better business if he would give this guarantee to you: 100% satisfied or money back.

If the artist succeeded in writing you an offer against all odds and against all red flags given by you, you reject the signing on the basis of his usage agreement in his terms and conditions.

When the artist explains why this usage agreement is important to his work and existence, ask for one more thing in the terms and conditions to be deleted.

If, nevertheless, a contract has actually come about, then suddenly change the project right on half way through. Important!

How? Tell the artist that you want to do some creative steps for yourself within this project now.

Just ignore the artist when he tells you which creative or production stunts do not work.

But hold him responsible when these things won’t work.

Reduce his fee, because you did a lot by yourself and because things didn’t work.

Wait at least three days up to months to give feedback and pull the dead line necessarily forward.

Don not pay his bill.

Do not answer the phone from this point on.


Just be a smart ass. You little motherfucker.